SPiN Contemplate The ‘Price Of Love’ With 80s Tinged Single

We’re a bit late to the table with this one – SPiN released ‘Price Of Love’ at the end of July – but hopefully we can shine a bit more light on it.

The song is the latest release from the Philadelphia PA group’s album, ‘Make Me Move’, and comes, as always, with a top notch music video, which is more of a short movie than just a clip.

The video reminds us a lot of The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’, with lead singer E, wandering around the backstreets, hoodie up, looking despondent, while others behind him go about their lives, and relationships – fighting, loving, oblivious to this hooded character walking past them documenting everything as he goes.

Sonically however, ‘Price Of Love’ owes a lot to the 80s, with the storytelling vibe and overall instrumentals, not to mention E’s sonorous vocals, sad and compelling, encouraging us to, no matter the consequences, realise that love is worth it, no matter the price.

Stream and download ‘Make Me Move’ here. Check out SPiN online on their official website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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