Rat City – ‘Deliriously Good’

Norwegian trio Rat City are as unusual as their name. They’ve got the style and swagger required to ensure immediate success, and are more than just a household name in their home country, where they have held the place for #1 record on the radio and the Top 10 Spotify in Norway, as well as being on the Top 5 Shazam for over ten weeks. Their new single, ‘Deliriously Good’ does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s good. Deliriously so.

Comprising songwriters/producers Kent and Cato Sunberg and Lasse Michelsen, Rat City have more than a million monthly Spotify listeners, while the video for their dreamy debut release, ‘Kings Of Love’, has garnered over a million views – on Spotify the same song has had more than 15 million streams. It makes sense that Norway is too small a market for this group, and like the rodents in their name, they’re going to make their way all around the world, with the US the next target in their sights.

The animated video for ‘Deliriously Good’ is the perfect illustration for the turbulent relationship between lust, the chase, and the trap. The tune has a certain disco vibe to it, and shows protagonist Frank pursuing a mysterious woman, while evading the thugs of Rat City. Desire however gets the better of him, and see him catch up to his lover – but the villains also close in, making escape impossible, and revealing the woman was bait, ensuring his capture.

Quite apart from aptly describing the excellent quality of the track, ‘Deliriously Good’ is a reference to that one person we know is bad for us, but we just can’t resist, no matter how hard we try. Every interaction makes them just that little more addictive, and consequently more difficult to escape. ‘Deliriously Good’ is the same, with its funk laced with romantic swings and catchy lyrics, making sure that we’re never able to completely evade Rat City. But maybe, just maybe, deep down – we don’t want to.

Check out Rat City on Twitter. Watch the video for ‘Deliriously Good’:

Rat City - Deliriously Good (Official Video)

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