Pete Muller – ‘Let You In’

In the clip for his latest single, ‘Let You In’, Pete Muller’s genuine happiness is evident in his smile; it’s not just a half grin or something put on for show, it’s the real deal.

‘Let You In’, is a duet with singer and co-writer Missy Soltero, whose performance is just as poised and expressive as Pete’s. Missy’s powerful alto provides the perfect counterpoint to Muller’s conversational style, and their musical repartee wholly believable.

In his songs Pete Muller effortlessly blends jazz, folk, pop, country, and classic rock; outside of music, he’s a successful businessman, who surfs, creates crosswords, is a philanthropist, a teacher, and a yoga practitioner. That same broadmindedness has always been there to be seen in his music, but he’s never managed to integrate the many different parts of his personality quite as brilliantly as he does on his latest album, ‘Dissolve’. The record shows Muller at his fullest: generous, warm, inspirational, gently passionate, and yes, always smiling, even through the hard times.

Both Muller and Soltero appear in Lenny Bass’s delightful performance video for the song, and their chemistry is infectious – before they’re through the first verse, two other couples in the bar drop what they’re doing and begin to dance. Does that sort of thing really happen at Muller’s shows? We wouldn’t bet against it, but if you’re interested in seeing for yourself, he’s providing plenty of opportunities: the Santa Barbara-based singer-songwriter will be on the road all summer, including stops at the Montreux Festival in Switzerland, the Umbria Jazz Fest in Italy, and the iAM MUSIC Fest in Durango, Colorado.

Watch the video for ‘Let You In’ below:

Pete Muller | Let You In (Featuring Missy Soltero)

You can find out more about Pete Muller on his official website.

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