Matti Meets Marloni Are A Danish Hip-Hop Collaboration Who Create Great Music

Philip Marlon and Matti Macey might still be teenagers, but they’re already forging a bright future for themselves. The Danish hip hop artists, producers, and songwriters have been making music since 2015 and 2017 respectively, and in the summer last year they decided form a collective of underground artists, working under the name of “Matti Meets Marloni”. It’s proven to be a good decision – already the collective has reached 150K streams on Spotify and 30K views on their YouTube channel.

‘Generation’, sees the duo freestyling about the effects each generation has on the one that comes after it, and touches on the misconceptions we might have – for instance, those born in the 90s or earlier might feel that those born since 2000 are a particular way:

Just because I’m young I don’t smoke

Just because I’m young I’m not broke

Just because I’m young I don’t wear street clothes

They stress these are generalisations that don’t apply to everyone. Their parents’ generation thought the same about their generation, and their grandparents thought the same about their parents, and so on – each generation judging the one that follows. Their message is one of hope and positivity – this generation can break the cycle, it doesn’t have to always stay that way.

The track itself is quite eerie – The vocals have been produced using what sounds like a vocoder, and although the sound is rather synthetic and robotic, it’s very effective and works well with the music, which is a simple beat and sparse instrumentals.

16 year old Matti, who lives in Vejle, Denmark, cites Tupac and YG as among his idols, while Philip, 17, also has a project called “Flowie”, where he makes lo-fi/chill beats.

You can find out more about Matti Meets Marloni online on Instagram – Philip, and Matti –  and YouTube. Check out Flowie on Spotify as well.

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