Could Jedward Be About To Drop Their Long Awaited Fourth Album?

It’s been nearly 7 years since Jedward released the concept album, ‘Young Love’. Their third album, it signalled the end of their relationship with former label, Universal Music Ireland, but significantly, not the end of their career. Since that time, they have worked hard at establishing themselves as independent artists, releasing 12 stand alone, self-written singles, starting with ‘Free Spirit’, back in July 2014.

Matti Meets Marloni Are A Danish Hip-Hop Collaboration Who Create Great Music

Philip Marlon and Matti Macey might still be teenagers, but they’re already forging a bright future for themselves. The Danish hip hop artists, producers, and songwriters have been making music since 2015 and 2017 respectively, and in the summer last year they decided form a collective of underground artists, working under the name of “Matti Meets Marloni”. It’s proven to be a good decision – already the collective has reached 150K streams on Spotify and 30K views on their YouTube channel.

Cosmic Gate & JES – ‘Fall Into You’

Germany’s most successful trance DJ Duo and producers, Cosmic Gate have joined forces with acclaimed singer songwriter, JES. It’s not the first time the three have worked together: their singles ‘Flying Blind’ in 2012, and ‘Yai (Here We Go Again)’ in 2015 found success on Spotify with millions of streams. They were also nominated for Best Trance Track by IDMA. Their latest track, ‘Fall Into You’, with already 3 million streams on Spotify, is one of their most successful single releases, from their current album, ‘Materia’.