Steve Aoki’s Latest Installment Of His Neon Future Concept Series is A Genre-Crossing Masterpiece

Three years on from the release of his last ‘Neon Future’ album electro house musician Steve Aoki has dropped the third instalment of the album series, on November 9th , 2018.

‘Neon Future II’, released 2015 featured collaborators who were a sign of the times; from Linkin Park to Rivers Cuomo. ‘Neon Future III’ holds true to the same mantra, with collaborations from artists that rule the roost today, including Louis Tomlinson. Additionally, blink-182, Lauren Jauregui, Bella Thorne, BTS and more make an appearance in Aoki’s latest offering.

With 17 tracks, the album, which like its predecessors rosses genres, is packed with easy, danceworthy music.

Starting with the ominous, dark intro from French pianist Julien Marchal, the album makes a lasting impact right from the get-go. ‘Neon Future III (Intro)’ graces your ears, leaves you wanting to dance, and perfectly sets the tone for what’s to follow.

From the Louis Tomlinson-assisted ‘Just Hold On’, to ‘Waste It On Me’ featuring K-pop superstars BTS in their first English language attempt (the track premiered on the Billboard Hot 100 and is set to become a global sensation), all the songs leave a lasting impression.

Another of the many tracks which showcase the wide variety of musicality encompassed within the album, comes in the form of a Lady Antebellum collaboration, ‘Our Love Glows’. A club anthem, it sees the country legends exploring a different side to their music.

Bella Thorne’s lusty delivery of electronica-tinged ‘Do Not Disturb’, and Era Istrefi’s carefree ‘Anything More’, add another fantastic layer to this already repeat-worthy album, before Lauren Jauregui’s electro-bop ‘All Night’ closes out the impressive production.

Including other collaborations from Mike Posner in ‘A Lover and a Memory’, blink-182 in ‘Why Are We So Broken’ – even Bill Nye (The Science Guy) features on ‘Noble Gas’ – and many many more, this expansive offering has something for everyone.

Centred on collaborations, and much-loved, anticipated cross-overs, and in spite of its long list of features, ‘Neon Future III’ remains grounded with Aoki’s signature tone of technology and optimism, and is definitely worth a listen or two.

‘Neon Future III’ is out on Ultra/Dim Mak. You can find Steve Aoki online on his official website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Stream and download his music from iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Deezer.

Steve Aoki - Waste It On Me feat. BTS (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]

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