Joey Danger – ‘Surrender’

Real name Joseph Anthony Stuller, Joey Danger grew up in the small town of Cocoa, Florida, and always harboured the big dreams of becoming a musician, filmmalker, media artist, and producer. Now he lives in New York City, and is working hard to make those dreams come true.

An award-winning director and VFX artist, Joey has created music videos, animation, viral media content, and films for international brands, magazines, artists, and celebrities. He’s combined this with his experience of the music industry, where he’s been a songwriter, musician, audio engineer, and producer: all this means he’s been able to independendly produce high concept work on next to no budget – giving a great example of what is possible to achieve as an independent artist in the present day.

Back in 2010 Joey released his EP, ‘Alive’; now he follows it up with another, ‘Lust & Vulgarity’. Speaking of the new EP, Joey said,

“This EP is kind of a concept album. I based it on where found myself shortly after I moved to New York. I was in a numb place emotionally and felt like I suddenly had access to everything I always wanted which led me down a rabbit hole of constant self-indulgence,” he says, adding, “After my last EP, I wasn’t interested in doing more of the same creatively. I went through a lot in my personal life and didn’t feel like that person anymore. Rather than rush new music out, I took time to refine myself as an artist and make something that I felt reflects who I am now.”

As well as the EP, he’s released the award-winning music video/sci fi fashion film for the single, ‘Surrender’. The film was indendently written and directed by Joey, and serves as both a music video for the song, and a fashion story, for IRK Magazine’s Futurism issue, including editorial photographs by Morgan Miller, and starring models Anna Miller, and Kasia Krol. An effort which took two years to complete, the film was shot entirely on a green screen, at Morgan Miller Studios, New York City, with styling by Cannon Media Group.

The clip is set in a darkly retro-futuristic world of cyberpunk, and the viewer is taken on a journey with robots, cyborgs, and flying vehicles. It’s incredible to think that it’s possible to do such things with a green screen background – the setting of the clip is so realistic. Joey’s musical style reminds us somewhat of Gary Numan, with a dystopian, industrial vibe to his song and vocals – an absolutely perfect match for the video.

Taking nearly 13 months, and 100 visual effects shots, a cut of the film was finally completed. Speaking about the film, Joey said,

“Getting the chance to work with so many talented people on a passion project like this was a dream come true. This video is a love letter to the cyberpunk films that inspired me growing up and made me want to become a filmmaker. It gave me a chance to express myself artistically on every level and tell a story in a world I’ve always wanted to create.”

You can find out more about Joey Danger online on his official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Joey Danger  - Surrender (Official Film / Music Video)

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