Brandon Tory – ‘Seriously’

Brandon Tory is a fine example of why it’s not always necessary to specialise in one particular field. He’s already established himself as a coder and computer scientist: a Level 5 engineer at Apple no less. But he’s also making a name for himself as a skilled R&B and hip hop vocalist. His latest single, ‘Seriously’, builds on the success of his EP, ‘Yaga Season’.

Brandon Tory believes there’s a strong connection between his two fields of interest, and has even gone so far as to write a piece for Medium about it: “Multidream: Why rapping and coding are the same thing”. He’s been able to apply the lessons he’s learned behind the keyboard to the work he does in the vocal booth, and applies the same determination, imagination, and mental precision to both his jobs.

The ‘Yaga Season’ EP was a very tight and ambitious release, and won the admiration of legendary producer Timbaland, as well as the praise of many hip hop media outlets, including HipHopDX, Based Boston, and The Hundreds. After the success of Yaga, Tory threw a party in the Hollywood Hills, which he called Multidream Weekend. None of his fans knew he was an engineer at Apple – but nonetheless over 1000 fans RVSPd and maxed out the capacity for the event, which had been set at 600 people.

From the resultant momentum of this party, came the video for ‘Seriously’. A sultry sounding song, the accompanying clip is a high tech dream, with a drone, massive computer flat screens, a driverless car – and the end showing Brandon in his Apple logo’d jacket. He’s no longer hiding his tech side, but instead embracing it and making it a part of his music. It should come as no surpise that this beautifully colourful clip was co-directed by Brandon, and showcases his talent in that area. It’s also effectively a loveletter to San Francisco, with shots of the city’s tall buildings, wide streets, and world-famous bridges.

You can find out more about Brandon Tory online on his official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Brandon Tory - Seriously

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