‘The History of Rock (For Big Fans And Little Punks)’ – A Rock History For Music Lovers Of All Ages

‘The History Of Rock (For Big Fans And Little Punks)’ is a comprehensive guide to rock music, written by Rita Nabais and illustrated by Joana Raimundo. The pair put together the book in their native Portugal, and it’s the most complete book of rock for kids, and has something for every age.

With 100 pages and over 150 illustrations, and items on more than 500 bands, the history of rock describes the main genres in a lighthearted and funny way. Divided into 35 different chapters, including ‘Pioneers Of Rock’, ‘Women At The Helm’, ‘Smash It’, and ‘Hard As Rock’, it’s a chronological history of rock from the 1950s pioneers to the 21st century rockers.

Hand-picked songs from hundreds of artists and bands are featured in the book, resulting in an extended playlist of over 1000 songs that pays tribute to the History of Rock in all of its glory.

Author Rita Nabais during her career as a teacher realised that her pupils knew nothing about rock music, and they were only entertained by the latest music out at the time. She’s also worked as a rock DJ for a long time, and so she knew that there were certain expressions that her own generation accepted as common rock knowledge that were completely unknown to the younger generation. She compiled a list of those bands and artists she considered to be the most significant in rock music. She spent four years researching the book, with the final product being one that is suitable for both children and the whole family.

Joana completes the book with her illustrations. She researched images and videos, and spent many hours with Rita discussing ideas for what pictures to include. After developing the shorter version of the book, which was released in Portugal, they held several workshops about Rock Music for children and families, and thought that was as far as it would go…


One day Joana posted her portrait of Iggy Pop, from the book, on Instagram. Later, she discovered that Iggy himself had reposted it:

This made the pair consider the book might have a market in English speaking coutries, and so they set out to expand upon what they already had.

‘The History Of Rock (For Big Fans And Little Punks)’ is currently in the final week of its Kickstarter project to raise £15,000. The project won’t go ahead if the full amount isn’t reached – which would be a shame, as to date they have raised just under £12,000. The project needs YOUR help! There’s all sorts of rewards available in exchange for pledges, including the hardback book, a colouring poster set, temporary tattoos, rock’n’roll posters made from the excellent illustrations, or even the name of your choicewritten in the book’s “rock’n’roll hall of fame.”

Visit and pledge to the project here.

No pledge is too small. Please help to ensure that this fantastically useful book available in English.


The History of Rock (for Big Fan and Little Punks)

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