Soft People Get ‘Tender’ With New Single Out July 12

Late last year we introduced readers to Soft People, a husband and husband duo from San Luis Obispo, almost exactly in between San Francisco and LA. Their song ‘Absolute Boy’, struck us with its deeply personal lyrics, and 80s stylings, and we really enjoyed their sound. So we’re happy to announce that their new single, ‘Tender’, is set for release this Friday July 12, ahead of their performance at The California Central Coast Pride Festival that weekend.

Scarlett Johansson And Pete Yorn Reunite On Ethereal EP ‘Apart’

I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t previously been aware of Scarlett Johansson’s extensive music career, but it’s pretty formidable, spanning over a decade – so I hereby apologise. Pete Yorn has likewise amassed a prodigious back catalogue, dating back as far as 2001. The pair have joined forces on their new EP, the ethereal ‘Apart’, the follow up to their 9 track album, ‘Break Up’, released in 2009.