Originally from Ohio, but now based just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Awkward Satellite relased his new single, ‘Authentic’, on June 15.

The rapper dedicated the single to his brother Sam, as well as everyone else who has to constantly deal with being put down and picked on. The artist himself had to deal with severe bullying as a child, and as a result held a long-standing grudge. Now however he’s taken that pain and put it into ‘Authentic’, rising above it and using the experience to grow up strong and positive. Our scars are reminders of what we’ve been through – but although they make us who we are we don’t have to see them in a negative light – they can show us how far we’ve come.

Awkward Satellite started making music when he was a high school senior, and always found he was on a different wavelength to everyone else around him. He continued on his musical path into his 20s, taking inspiration from Logic, Eminem, G-Eazy, Drake, and Tupac, and released his album ‘Deep Space’ with a friend. The record featured remixes ranging from EDM, to old school hip hop and when the friends performed live their unique style and creative approach to the music struck the audience as it was so different to all the other acts.

‘Authentic’ is a striking track with its funky instrumental underlaying the many tiers of vocals. The opening bars give it a soundtrack feel, as if the start of some hard and gritty crime fighting show.

Satellite took a break from making music for a year or so, after having first released a number of singles to critical acclaim. Now he’s back and ready to record more.

You can find out more about Awkward Satellite online on his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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