Former Syntax Singer-Songwriter Jan Burton Releases First Solo Single ‘Freeze’

Jan Burton, former singer/songwriter of EDM band, Syntax, has released his latest single, ‘Freeze’. A synth-laden track, ‘Freeze’ takes its inspiration from experiences Jan has had with people over the years in the music industry. It’s a thank you to all those who have stood by him through everything, and not regretting any past decisions, and looking forward to the future.

‘Freeze’ is Burton’s first release as a solo artist, after having recently collaborated with DJs and artists including Eric Prydz, Morgan Paige, Metrik, and Gabriel and Dresden.

Burton says of the song,

“The emphasis is that life isn’t a ‘breeze’ and being ‘frozen’ out of situations is all part of it. A freeze makes you realise who is important and to whom you can ‘hold a torch’.”

The video for ‘Freeze’ is a collaboration with Black Arrow, and has a really retro feel, opening with a beautiful water drop sequence. The blue tinged water, perfectly coalesces with Burton singing “colder, but it’s alright, it’s all I need”, before we are taken down a near psychedelic road, of disembodied heads, mountainscapes and bridges, and smashing televisions, upon which we can see ‘Top Of The Pops’. All sorts of interesting images are utilised,  including a stuffed rabbit, a concert audience, cityscapes, and binary code. Altogether it’s a glorious infusion of colour and sound, with it being almost impossible to listen to the song without visualising the video, and vice versa.

‘Freeze’ is  available to stream and download via all major media providers, including Spotify. Burton will follow up ‘Freeze’ with a second track this month. You can find out further information about Jan Burton on his Facebook page.

Freeze - Jan Burton


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