Twelve Noon Release ‘Saints and Sinners’

Twelve Noon, have recently signed to Eclipse Records and are set to release their debut LP, ‘Saints and Sinners’, due out on June 9th.

A fresh new melodic metal group out of Pittsburgh, PA, Twelve Noon, have recently signed to Eclipse Records and are set to release their debut LP, ‘Saints and Sinners’, due out on June 9th.  The ten song album was produced by Bobby Balow at Raytown Productions and features Twelve Noon’s unique brand of melodic anthemic hard rock and alternative metal.  The debut album ‘Saints and Sinners’ is available to pre-order through iTunes and Amazon which grants you access to instant gratification tracks “No Way Out” and “Hope In Tragedy”.

Twelve Noon recently released a teaser video for “No Way Out”, their first single release off of ‘Saints and Sinners’, which displays the raw emotional talent and fierce guitar shredding that exudes from the bands live performance.  The single pays tribute to the bands dedication and love of making music. The bands vocalist Michael Loew explains, No Way Out is about our struggle as a growing band. Music is a part of everything we do. It’s about us smashing down the barriers to success, and no matter how many times we fall down, we get right back up because in the end we will never give up trying. For us, there’s simply No Way Out!”
The debut album ‘Saints and Sinners’ is available to pre-order through iTunes and Amazon.

Twelve Noon recently signed to Eclipse Records in January of this year after their music grabbed the attention of Chris Poland at Eclipse Records. The band is excited to have such a hard working label to support and promote their new album, ‘Saints and Sinners’. “Working close with Chris has been a pleasure and experience” says guitarist Rob Heil. “He really understands the business inside and out.” Vocalist Michael Loew continues, “Signing to Eclipse Records is an opportunity with endless possibilities. I’m looking forward to being a part of such a hard working and driven label.”

Twelve Noon’s new album ‘Saints and Sinners’ is definitely worth checking out and there is a couple options to do just that.  You can stream through Spotify and Apple Music or you can check out the teaser video below of the bands first single release, “No Way Out”. For more info and music check out the Eclipse Records website or Twelve Noon’s Google Play, Facebook, and Twitter.

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