Adina E – ‘Changing’

With a passionate delivery and “force of nature” voice, Adina E is no stranger to major change. Raised in New York City, she completed her BA degree from University of Pennsylvania, and then took a year’s break to live and work in Israel. 40 years later and she’s still there.

“Tiptoe through your soul, maybe you’ll find your way back home.”

These are the opening lines of Adina E’s new single, ‘Changing’. The song is deeply engrossing, and yet so decidedly nuanced that it’s hard to hear it once and not hit repeat. Adina captivates her listeners without needing to resort to flashiness. The song speaks of deep change within a person that profoundly shakes the inner core of the soul.  The track comes with a wonderfully crafted animated music video created by the team of Yoni Goodman, Maayan Shinar and Sefi Gayego, and takes Adina, along with our emotions, to the next level.

Prior to music, Adina spent her time working in careers such as social work, head hunting, and philanthropy. Adina switched gears in her mid 40s, and jumped into the music industry. With a couple albums now under her belt, she continues to challenge boundaries and pre-conceptions.

‘Changing’ is the flagship song of Adina E’s career. Musically, each section in the band shines through the darkness with great power. The words sway over the feathery, precise guitar,  as the drums stomp right into the mix, giving the band a steady heartbeat to keep their footing. The animation in this video is absolutely breathtaking. The attention to detail, the hues used to accentuate mood, and the undoubtedly pertinent story-line, make this the perfect visual experience to pair with ‘Changing’. It’s not just music fans celebrating ‘Changing’, but critics and film buffs alike are also taking note. The video has been accepted into multiple film festivals internationally, including the upcoming Cut-Out Festival in the city of  Queretaro, Mexico that Adina will attend in person.

Find out more about Adina E from her official website.

Adina E - Changing [Official Animated Music Video Clip]

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