The Van Goghs – ‘Take It In The Teeth’ & ‘Hello!”


Chicago indie rock band, The Van Goghs, release a pair of singles, ‘Take It In The Teeth’ and ‘Hello!’, as they continue to produce jangle Brit-pop inspired tunes that encapsulate the classic and inspirational sounds of 60’s and 70’s rock.  The Van Goghs are influenced by a wide variety of artists such as Wilco, The Kinks, The Clash, and Talking Heads to name a few and describe their sound as “Chicago’s laundry washed in British detergent”.

The new single ‘Take It In The Teeth’ has a classic 70s rock sound with similarities to bands like The Clash, Talking Heads, and Blur.  The song begins with a funk drum and bass groove that give it a classic and familiar dance aesthetic. The guitar and keys stay in the pocket keeping the groove tight and a hand clap add some cool flare while contributing to the groove aesthetic. The song travels through some really cool variations while always remaining true to the solid 70s dance rhythm allowing the transitions to flow smoothly.

11659415_10153458727829670_5437386623846866875_n‘Hello!’ has a bouncy rhythm in the keyboard and bass parts with a more dirty indie rock style production. The vocal parts are excellent as they come at you from different speakers in stereo and a chorus that propels the song dynamically.  The song adds saxophone to a grungy dark indie sound with a lot of interesting variations in the guitar part that are constantly moving in stereo. The laughter samples that close out the song are a really cool addition to the recording reminiscent to The Beatles’ later albums.

The Van Goghs have released two EPs, Escape Of The Jellyfish (2011) and Roman Candle (2013), and have since then gained reputable live performance experience playing with touring acts at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall, Double Door, and Schubas Tavern. To hear music and find more info on The Van Goghs and their double single release, check out the band’s website, FacebookBandcamp, and Twitter.  Also, check out this YouTube video of the song ‘Higher To The Sun’ on their debut EP, Escape Of The Jellyfish (2011).

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