Roma Moss feat. hOLY – ‘Leaving Traces’ (FREE.D remix)

Back in December we covered FREE.D’s collaboration with London-based producer Robus on the track, ‘Liberate Your Mind’. Now the Moscow musician is back, this time with his remix of the Roma Moss ft hOLY track, ‘Leaving Traces’.

The original track sees Roma Moss mixing guitars, analogue synth, and violin, with the gorgeous vocals of hOLY. By contrast, FREE.D’s remix is an electronic, quirky and hypnotic take, trancelike and groovy.

Like ‘Liberate Your Mind’, FREE.D – real name Fedor Sarokvasha – pairs ‘Leaving Traces’ with an animated video, which he’s made with Sevya Vyodstsev (illustration), and Igor Irbitskiy, who handled the direction and animation, as well as the ideas. Bringing the team together was project manager Alexandar Dymox.

The video’s protagonist is a beaver, a cog in the machine, going through the motions day after day after day after day. He wakes up with his alarm, doing the same tasks every day, but upon hearing a song, ‘Leave Your Trace’ becomes hypnotised. He goes to work, and other characters go about their daily routines. He falls in love with an octopus, and their son goes to work, following the same routine – until he too is taken in by ‘Leave Your Trace’.

Already seemingly bizarre, there is a second part to the story of this video – insect overlords are keeping watch over the characters. The city they live in is actually in the insects’ lab. An experiment. Calling to mind such films as ‘The Matrix’ and ‘The Truman Show’, we begin to question our own reality. Perhaps a clue can be found at the end of the video, with an on-screen message which says, ‘FOLLOW THE TRACE OF THE MUSIC’. Is music the answer? Will music save us?

Check out more about FREE.D online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud. Hidden Vibes, the home label of FREE.D and Roma Moss, can also be found on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Roma Moss ft. hOLY - Leaving Traces (FREE.D remix)

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