Gaspar Prouvé Soars With Debut Album ‘You Fly’

Born in Heidelberg Germany to an Australian father and an Australian mother, Gaspar Prouvé started composing music at the age of 16. Moving to Berlin he worked as a DJ, but the music that surrounded him had a profound influence on him, and he came to the realisation that he wanted more than that, and decided to move in to production.

Gaspar moved to Cologne to study for his Bachelor of Business Administration, and then moved to Melbourne, Australia, in 2016, where he made his album, ‘You Fly’.

The title track from the album is a sumptuous journey of sound, made entirely by Gaspar using Logic Studio and Sylenth, the latter of which defines the sound much more clearly. It’s an upbeat tune which towards the end becomes almost choral in its instrumentation. ‘You Fly’, in Gaspar’s words,

“…describes the feeling of falling in love for the first time – an eternal and uplifting sensation that drives you forward. This house/trance/pop album is an acoustical journey that attempts to portray all facets of love, desire and passion.”

Second track, ‘For Your Soul Only’, is equally as upbeat, but with an 80s feel to it, including a nice clapping rhythm. ‘Magic Ride’, the third track, retains this clapping rhythm and combines it with a very pleasing keyboard like tapping beat. All the tunes have a very trance pop feel to them, meaning they’re perfect for the dance floor. Prouvé is able to replicate many different instruments, and ‘Explosions In Your Mind’ is no less an example of this, with a flute like quality to the track.

‘You Fly’ contains 15 tracks, including two remixes, and was released on 13 February.

Find Gaspar Prouvé online on Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud. Check out his YouTube channel. ‘You Fly’ is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Gaspar Prouvé - Explosions In Your Mind (Official Video) [EDM/Trance/House/Pop]


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