Fire To The Stars Illuminate With New Single ‘Stay Down’ And Award Winning Short Film ‘The Death Drive’


Melbourne based Australian and Swedish collective Fire To The Stars follow up their previous release, ‘Made Of Fire’ with a new single, ‘Stay Down’. The track is accompanied by a cinematic video, which in itself is made out of scenes from the award-winning short film, ‘The Death Drive’. ‘The Death Drive’ was created by Kyle V. James and Michael Bourne.

‘Stay Down’ is a sobering, melancholic, haunting track, made even more so when watched with the video. The pure voices of the lead singer and backing vocalist/s echo long after you’ve finished listening to the song. There’s an essence of wilderness that’s part of the song, not exactly loneliness, it’s something untouchable, undefinable. Listening you are transported to the 60s or early 70s, and the full effect is a piece which affects not just the eyes and ears, but hearts and minds as well.

The video for ‘Stay Down’ is both shocking and beautiful at the same time, opening with a man, played by Kyle V. James, dousing himself in petrol and setting fire to himself. He reminisces of his lost love, his mind flashing back over his life, how he’s always been a thrillseeker, chasing excitement, each thrill taking him closer to the edge and yet at the same time making him feel even more alive. Now he’s on the edge of death, without the will to carry on.

‘Stay Down’, like its predecessor, is also from the album ‘Made Of Fire’, which clearly shows the band’s influences, including Dead Can Dance, Grouper, and My Bloody Valentine.

Watch the video for ‘Stay Down’, as well as the short film, ‘The Death Drive’:

Fire to the Stars - Stay Down


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