New Boom Bap Single, ‘El Matador’, Pairs NYC Legends Mic Nickels And Method Man

One of the snippets of Mic Nickels’s latest work, the brilliant album, ‘Bars for Days’, the new video for ‘El Matador’, released last month, on July 21st. The song pairs two of New York City’s best emcees on a vibrant instrumental to produce an awesome mix. Featuring Nickels alongside the internationally recognised rapper Method Man on the track, the two play off each other incredibly well, creating a smooth flow for two and a half minutes, from start to finish. This brilliant song (and newly-released accompanying video) are just one part of Nickels’s most recent album, which released in 2021.

Mic Nickels and Method Man are both twentieth-century veterans of the NYC hip hop scene, legendary in their own ways. Performing with a wide variety of award-winning artists and emcees in their history, including their own groups (Nickel and Dime Ops/the Wu-Tang Clan respectively), the two have gained notoriety for their influence on different genres of New York hip hop, with Mic Nickels helping to serve as an inspiration for indie artists all around the city, and Method Man becoming one of the game’s most well-respected and successful rappers, collaborating with mainstream and underground artists alike. Now, the two flow together on ‘El Matador’, just one part of Nickels’s first solo project in nearly a decade, ‘Bars for Days’.

The song is built off of a catchy tune, with work done by executive producer Al Machera, who also worked on The Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Life After Death’, and Organized Konfusion’s self titled album. As always, Nickels and Method Man flawlessly flow through incredible lyrics, with some of hip hop’s most brilliant lyricism put together into one track’s worth of lines. On top of the lyrics, the traditional boom bap instrumental keeps your head moving all the way through the two and a half minute track. The newly released music video depicts the two emcees in a cartoonish style – while also featuring a tribute to the late great MF DOOM, who passed away in October 2020, and was originally meant to be featured on the song in Method Man’s place – and a boatload of hidden details you’ll only spot when re-watching it. Nickels and Method Man have made another track for the ages here – ‘El Matador’ is definitely worth lending your ears to for all its runtime. Nickels also released 3 different remixes of the song alongside the video, which are all equally as brilliant as the original.

Watch the music video down below and visit Nickels’s website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Mic Nickels x Method Man - El Matador (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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