Jedward Set to Host New Science Show

John and Edward Jedward

Could John and Edward be heading back to CBBC to host a science programme, in a similar vein to their previous hit show, ‘Jedward’s Big Adventure’?

It seems that the Dublin duo, who are preparing for a mini tour over Easter in Ireland and the UK, are about to try their hand in the laboratory, according to the Irish Sun.

It’s been reported by entertainment editor Ken Sweeney that an independent production company has approached the twins to star in the new show, which will air on the BBC later this year. Featuring John and Edward conducting science experiments in a programme designed for all the family to enjoy, the UK national broadcaster hopes to emulate the success they had with previous programme, ‘Jedward’s Big Adventure’, which ran for three series, and has been replayed a number of occasions on CBBC and BBC1.

Jedward's big adventure

The massive publicity generated from the brothers’ appearance in the made-for-TV cult film, ‘Sharknado 3′ last year, has additionally been a factor in the Brothers Grimes being considered for the show. The Irish twins’ song, ‘Oh Hell No’, also featured in the film.

A Jedward insider told The Irish Sun:

Jedward have the whole package, They’re instantly recognisable.

They generate huge attention on social media but most of all, Jedward make everything fun, even learning. Which makes them the perfect hosts for an educational programmes.

The BBC were very pleased with Jedward’s last outing for the broadcaster, ‘Jedward’s Big Adventure’, which saw the twins presenting facts about UNESCO sites around Britain. The show frequently won its slot and is still a very popular programme with viewers of all ages.

The source further told The Irish Sun:

It’s all down to Jedward’s affability. The producers of the show just like Jedward’s approach. They get a reaction wherever they go but are always polite and respectful. The perfect family entertainers.

John and Edward will be performing in Edinburgh on 16 March, as part of the city’s St Patrick’s Day events. Appearing at The Three Sisters venue, the duo are a major draw to the St Patrick’s Day festivities over the weekend, which will also feature other Irish artists, including B*Witched’s Edele Lynch, and The Rubberbandits. For further details see here.

Jedward poster

The twins will be performing over Easter in a series of four concerts, beginning 24 March at Dublin’s Button Factory. Patrons at this show must be 18 or over, and ID will be asked for at the door. The following evening John and Edward will appear at the Clayton Hotel Silver Springs, Cork, before performing at O2ABC in Glasgow, and The Garage, in London, on 27 and 28 March respectively. For ticket details and further information, visit Ticketmaster. Guests must be be aged 14+ for the latter three events. It is expected that the concerts will feature all new music, ahead of the release of their fourth album.

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