Mleo Go From the Sublime to the ‘Ridiculous’ With Latest Single

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Mleo, an alt pop/rock band based in Los Angeles, take ‘Ridiculous’ to a new level with the video for their latest song.

The video for ‘Ridiculous’ is fun and quirky, which could easily describe the band themselves. It centres on the love life of lead singer, Audrey Reed, who goes through a succession of dates with people in animal masks – and the characteristics of those animals – including a cow and a pig. She thinks she’s onto a winner with Mr Fox: unfortunately, after he is exposed trying to poison her, it seems he’s as bad as the rest. It’s not all bad news though, in the end it seems Audrey finds true love with a pigeon…or does she?

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Mleo started out in 2012 as a trio comprising vocalist Audrey Reed, guitarist Victor San Pedro, and bass player Nick De La O, who had already performed together for several years at their high school in Sacramento. Moving to LA, they have since added drummer Elias Vasquez, and with each bringing to the mix influences of jazz, funk, indie rock and pop, R&B, hip hop and hard rock, their music is a fusion of all elements which transcends genres.

Mleo released their debut album, ‘Sunken City’, in 2014, an album which reflects their quirky sound. Not quite rock, not quite pop, it has something for everyone, starting from the very rocky ‘Bury Me’, and winding up with the gentle, blues-tinged, almost jazz ‘Surrounded In Blue’, which has a gorgeous counterpoint between male and female vocals, offset beautifully by the rhythm guitar.

Mleo (pronounced “muh-lee-oh”), aren’t perfect by any means: but their obvious musical ability earns them a lot of forgiveness for any failings. ‘Ridiculous’ is a strong song, with a united drum and guitar sound, and Audrey’s clear vocals darting in and out between the instrumentation. There’s no clear genre, and like their album, ‘Sunken City’, it’s this divergence of styles which is the band’s USP – Mleo refuse to be classified, which is a very good thing.

See Mleo live on February 19 at Lucky Strike, Hollywood, The Roar Room in La Crescenta on 20 February, TRIP, Santa Monica, on the 21st of February, and The Satellite, on February 22, in LA.

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Find Mleo online on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and their official website. Download ‘Sunken City’ and ‘Ridiculous’ from iTunes.

Mleo - Ridiculous

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