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Erin Vivers Ferguson 2

In time for Valentine’s Day comes ‘Take 2: It Got Better’, by Erin Vivers Ferguson. It’s a re-recording and re-release of her 2013 self-titled EP, with proceeds from the sales of physical copies split and donated between LGBT charities, the It Gets Better project, and Revel and Riot

It’s an interesting EP: markedly different in style and production to her 2013 release, which was a quieter, more mellow version. ‘Take 2’ is decidedly rockier, a more raw handling of the same songs, in a lot of ways a more *real* sound, as if the EP is a recording of a live performance. The fact that ‘Take 2’ has been recorded with a band might add to this. Both versions are available to stream on Spotify and to download from iTunes.

From Falkirk in Scotland, handily placed between Glasgow and Edinburgh, Erin thus has the best of both worlds when it comes to gigging. 22 year old Erin began performing aged 18 on the local open mic circuit in Falkirk, and quickly moved onto paid gigs in the area, before moving onto Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

Erin Vivers Ferguson

Openly gay, Erin began writing her own songs at age 15, and recording them at 18. She calls upon her own experience and loss of loved ones for her inspiration. Erin’s style is alt folk/pop, and has been likened to Amy McDonald, and as her Essential Playlist shows, she an avid fan of Canadian twin duo, Tegan and Sara, and has covered many of their songs.

You can find Erin online on Twitter and Facebook. She is also verified on Apple Music. Subscribers to her Spotify and Apple Music accounts are given access to many different opportunities. Spotify subscribers get access to gig dates, and one off events such as Skype sessions, merchandise exclusives and meet and greet packages. Subscribers to her Apple Music account get access to videos, and demos.

Subscribers to both accounts are entered into the ‘It Got Better’ Merch bundle giveaway – all that is required is a screenshot of the subscriptions.

Erin also has several competitions to celebrate the release of her new EP. For further information please visit her Facebook page.

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Check out this beautiful acoustic video of her song, ‘I’ll Always Be’:

Erin Vivers Ferguson - I'll Always Be (Official Acoustic Video)

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