Katie Kittermaster Releases New Song ‘Friends’ As It Gathers Pace On TikTok

For so many artists, the most difficult thing to do is get decent airplay. I’ve honestly lost count of the brilliant songs and artists I’ve written about that probably don’t get the credit or widespread popularity they deserve due to the airplay on major radio stations. I’ve spoken with some popular DJs via Twitter direct message about playing songs and they always come back with the same response that they are dictated to what they can play by what’s on the playlist for that station. That means the music we are allowed to digest is governed by someone making that decision for us.

So, it’s no surprise that artists look for ways to get themselves onto those playlists by moving up the charts via streaming and for that to happen we need to hear the music. In recent years, a really great way to get your music heard was adverts and computer games. Certainly bands as famous as Imagine Dragons were able to build a big enough fan base to sell out London venues before they released an album in the U.K. by having music featured on the EA sports FIFA franchise.

Nowadays, one of the most effective ways to get music into people’s world has become the hugely popular platform of TikTok and recently an artist we have covered and appreciated before, Katie Kittermaster, has seen a massive uptake of one of her songs ‘Friends’ on that platform. For that reason, Katie has given her audience what it wants by releasing the song across all of the streaming and download platforms last Friday.

‘Friends’ is a song about not being able to be friends after a break up and whilst it has a familiar theme for Katie in it’s introspective nature, it has a more cinematic feel in its production. It really wouldn’t feel out of place in a movie and for that reason has a wonderful juxtaposition between the simplicity of the message and the dramatic production. Building from a piano accompaniment at the outset to complement Katie’s crisp diction, the song builds both musically and harmonically to its climax and is a firm favourite of mine.

It’s so important that we support artists who are working so hard to get their music heard and I encourage you to go and give the song a listen. It’s really picking up some support across the board and the more we stream, download and enjoy, the more chance we have of hearing this on our favourite national radio station.

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