Dar.Ra – ‘Diamonds N Shadows’

The video for Dar.Ra’s new single, ‘Diamonds N Shadows’, is for those of us who’ve felt a bit lost in the rat race of life.

The characters in the Brendan McGowan directed clip for London-based singer-songwriter Dar.Ra look just like any other upper-middle-class types; except for their enormous mouseheads. They’re caught up in the comforts of rodent society, until they realise it’s a dead end, and decide to burn it all down. It’s a radical reaction that’s not typical of all Dar.Ra’s music, but one thing his songs do, is make the listener think.

His EP from last year, ‘Dirty Lil Secrets’, was a set of tracks designed to open the eyes and ears of those who might otherwise be content to sleepwalk through their days. It’s an idea he’s carried on into his latest set, ‘New Kinda Normal’, which could well be his most direct and honest recording yet, if ‘Diamonds N Shadows’ is anything to go by.

Brendan McGowan has already shown he understands what Dar.Ra is after, with his clips for ‘Heart Shape Pill’, and ‘Nightstepper’. This new clip picks up right where ‘Pill’ left off: the mice are are vaguely aware they’re on a treadmill, but at first they don’t think they can do anything about it. There is a family – husband, wife, and child, all playing their roles, but at the same time all deeply dissatisfied. When the three see comformity for trap that it is, they decide no matter the risks and regardless of how dangerous standing up for the truth can be, it’s the only way to live with any meaning.

Dar.Ra has also written two books, ‘Road Tales’, and ‘The Night That Jimi Died’. You can find out more about these and his music by checking out his official website.

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