Introducing: Cfit – ‘Throwaway Survival Machine’


CFIT is an aviation term standing for ‘Controlled Flight Into Terrain’. It’s an apt name for a band whose music lifts you up and crashes you without you realising. Starting out in bedrooms and home studios, Dublin 5 piece Cfit started out as a side project for Noël Duplaa. Playing their first gig – as a three piece – at The Electric Picnic in 2010, then expanding to 5 in time for ‘Working Class Heroes’ the same year, where they were received very well, they’re about to release their new album on September 11.

‘Throwaway Survival Machine’ transports you on a wave of melancholic cries and beats. It’s stirring, it’s moving…Cfit have clearly found inspiration in the work of artists such as The Cure, Joy Division and David Bowie – and there’s a LOT of Nirvana in their music.

When pre-ordering ‘Throwaway Survival Machine’, purchasers will be able to download ‘Don’t Be Discouraged’ immediately. A song with strong beats, it’s a confusion of sound both pleasing and disturbing at the same time – conveying the anguish of someone who is quite evidently discouraged, despite all entreaties to be otherwise. ‘Don’t Be Discouraged’ – like the rest of the album – demonstrates that Cfit are all clearly very accomplished musicians: this song features quality guitar riffs.

How to choose a highlight of this album? Too difficult. From the beautiful piano and wistful vocals of ‘Apres Moi Le Deluge’ – reminscent of Coldplay, to the experimental strong keys and strings of Tosca – resonant, surprising – with its wave of harmonies, blending seamlessly into ‘All That Is Solid’…we really liked ‘The Lack of Shark’ (the song titles are definitely brilliant and very witty) but if we could listen to only one Cfit song ever again in our entire lives, it might have to be the beautifully Nordic Noir style ‘Tell Me I’m Not Okay’. The song reminds us a lot of Amanda Palmer’s, ‘The Bed Song’ – not just the piano, but lyrically as well. We also really loved the swell of synth at the end.

You can find Cfit online on Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, and their website. Preorder ‘Throwaway Survival Machine’ on iTunes now.

Don't Be Discouraged Lyric Video

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