Garretson & Gorodetsky – ‘Insambia’

Los Angeles based Garretson & Gorodestsky have been following their dreams for decades, and entertaining their audiences with them – as well as their nightmares – both in solo shows and as a duo. Garretson’s “Weba Show” was a masterpiece of SoCal theatre in the 80s, while Godoretsky can be heard playing bass, and his songwriting is heard in the jazz-punk-funk projects such as Universal Congress Of, and The Mecolodiacs, both in collaboration with Joe Baiza. ‘Insambia’ sees Weba Garretson tackling insomina from the left field, with a piece of avant-garde pop which owes as just much to Latin music, jazz, and off kilter theatre. The song comes with a video beautifully shot by Alex Italics.