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High Tiny Hairs prepare to launch their debut self-titled EP, featuring six great songs of 60’s style pop garage rock meets 80’s quirky punk, to be released on Sir Gregory Records, August 24th 2015. The new project formed by Ben Bachman former guitarist of Fuck Knights and frontman of Nightingales keeps true to raw lo-fi rock sounds with short and sweet songs and a self-produced EP that is rough around the edges with a vintage rock vibe.

High Tiny Hairs’ sound is hard to describe as each song can take you to a different era and genre; some songs sounding like the 60’s bands The Animals and Velvet Underground, others like quirky punk 80’s band Devo, and some even like classic 70’s rock bands. Every song on the EP is short and sweet and have a relentless way of hooking you in with the bouncy chord progressions and psychedelic rock melodies.

First off, ‘Ghost Shadows’ is one song on the EP that instantly struck my attention drifting more toward early 60’s rock with a dirty and raw vintage vibe that features a surf guitar style solo in the chorus and a classic Farfisa organ to back it up. A simplistic chord progression with some catchy rock vocals and the vintage sound of the Farfisa just seem to do the trick as far as creating  a pop rock style song that still stays true and appeals to the lo-fi crowd.

11666190_1584535075143910_3873254935004099424_n‘First World Problem’ keeps true to the 60’s sound but also mixes in a quirky 80’s Devo sound especially with the Farfisa organ and the bouncy tempo of the rhythm. ‘Chaos Ensues’ has some great guitar with a nice catchy melody hook and a really cool multiple track solo section that help create some tripped dynamics.

‘Girl Like U’ is a track that seems very rough with the drum part and may seem a bit off in rhythm but still seems to work with the catchy lyrical lines and whistling part and a feel reminiscent to bands like Velvet Underground.  The song ‘Redd Room’ takes on the more classic 70’s rock style with guitar riff embellishments and complimenting organ rhythms that are reminiscent to the rock jam style of the 70’s.

“Ben Bachman is High Tiny Hairs, and I’m kind of taken with this song, off the recent self-titled EP. It’s short, it’s simple, and it has one of those meat and potatoes, could have happened any time in the past 40 years guitar riffs, that just sounds really good when you turn it up, so, let’s do that…”

Don’t Need No Melody

The self-titled EP by High Tiny Hairs will be released on limited edition cassette and on digital download through Sir Gregory Records. For music and more info check out High Tiny Hairs’ FacebookBandcampAmazon, and CD Baby.


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