Are One Direction Taking a One Year Break?

Lots of talk has sparked about a 1D break, seemingly coming from nowhere specific as none of the boys have confirmed the news but it’s very likely to be true given how hard they work. After following the boyband closely since the good old XFactor days, I think the boys deserve a good long break, not too long though-I’ll get bored without the on-stage antics to amuse me. One Direction wrote their four albums while touring whereas other artists usually take their time, sometimes even a few years to perfect their albums certainly not in a makeshift studio in their hotel rooms using propped up mattresses and a mic. On their annual so-called break between the end of a tour and the start of a new one, they do endless promo for their album and the times they do get a few days off while touring, most of it is spent catching up on sleep or again, song writing and recording. It’s difficult for them to go out with family and friends because they more often than not get people chasing after them, harassing them for a picture. Despite this they go out of their way to try and make as many of those fans happy as possible with a quick photo and chat, showing they’ve stayed humble and true to themselves over the years. Liam recently sent pizzas to fans waiting outside the hotel which the fans were obviously overjoyed about (who wouldn’t want free pizza from your favourite boyband member?!). Most 1D fans are in agreement that they deserve a break but everyone’s clearly on edge waiting for the confirmation, it’s like the lead up to the confirmation of Zayn leaving all over again but it won’t hurt half as much because we’ve had our hearts broken the first time. They say the first heartbreak’s the worst right?

I’m fairly undecided on this matter, all I can hope is that they take a break but continue their banter on Twitter to compensate for the lack of goofiness on stage. I don’t think they’ll take a huge 9 year break like Take That did not long after Robbie left the band because they’ve always said there’s nothing they love more than performing and making those tens of thousands of people at concerts happy. They won’t gone too long, that’s for sure, they’ll miss performing too much. If we get a confirmation, it’ll be for the best after all they’ve been through all the years, this one specifically with Zayn leaving in the middle of a world tour.

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