Thespionage, The New Musical Treat From Momo:Tempo


Fabulous Bournemouth-based artist, Momo:Tempo is set to release his new album, ‘Thespionage’ on Monday, 8th June and boy! What a veritable treat music lovers are in for! Original, dramatic, and jam-packed with surprises, ‘Thespionage’ is one of the most interesting albums I’ve heard in while!

As one excellent track flows into another we are taken on a wonderful journey of suspense and intrigue.

The album opens with the strong electronic sounding masterpiece ‘Source Code’, followed by the contrasting and bold ‘Mighty Anonimity’ which boasts a glorious Horn section.

Each of the album’s 22 tracks tell a story of its own, but with the whole thing flowing together very well.

One of my favourite tracks, ‘Undo’ has a very catchy upbeat sound, and a chorus that had me singing along after just one listen.

‘All That Love Could Be’ is another stand-out track, with a glorious 80’s feel, rather reminiscent of the band ABC, for those old enough to remember them. It’s a track I found hard not to fall in love with.

The contrasts and surprises continue throughout the album from the fast-paced ‘Conspiracy:Declassified’ to the beautiful piano-based ‘The Scars Of Our Age’. A truely elegant piece with gently spoken lyrics.

The Album wraps up perfectly with the Jazz Funk feel of ‘Tell Me If You Can’t Hear This?’

Momo:Tempo has strong vocals and a lovely story-telling voice that draws you in to his dramatic tales of conspiracy, espionage and mystery.

It is tempting to liken some tracks to War of the Worlds, with hints of Shaft, and even musicals such as Oliver, but any comparison would be a disservice to Momo:Tempo, as ‘Thespianage’ is truly an original and unique work of art.

‘Thespionage’ by Momo:Tempo is available buy from Monday 8th June.

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