Claire Richards Shares Her Wildest Dreams In Our Exclusive Interview

Steps singer Claire Richards tells Malvika Padin about her new album ‘My Wildest Dreams’, her upcoming tour, the song that was inspired by her love for her children, and how her music differs from the music she makes as a member of Steps.

What was the message behind ‘My Wildest Dreams’?

This whole album is my wildest dream if you like. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I wanted it to mean something to everybody who listens to it. Regardless of where it takes them, I just wanted the album to take them on a journey.

Would you say the album is based on personal experiences?

Not completely, but definitely some personal experiences. I take note of the lyrics and what they mean to other people as well. Some are more relatable to me, while with others it was more about loving the song and also knowing that the listener would relate to it.

What is your personal favourite track off the album, and why?

There’s so many that I love, but the one I really like is a song called ‘These Wings’. I just think it’s a really beautiful song, from the music to the lyrics. From the moment I heard it I knew I wanted to record it and I knew it would be perfect for the album, so I’m really glad I got to do it.

Who inspires you, professionally and personally?

Personally, my kids. Everything I do, I think I do for them. They’ve changed who I am as a person. There’s a song on the album called ‘Brave’, that I wrote for them, about how they make me a brave person. And professionally, Karen Carpenter was someone who I wanted to be like. You believe every single word she sings, and that’s something I always hoped to do.

If listeners could take away one message from your music, what would you wanted that to be?

Just know that you can get to where you want to be, just by being confident and happy in your life. People expect other people to make them happy, but unless you can achieve it yourself you won’t be able to happy. Until you learn to love yourself, you can’t love others or expect others to love you as well.

You’re going on tour soon, so what can we expect from that?

So, it’s going to be a very intimate tour, happening in December. It’s very different from a Steps show, because I’ll have a live band with me and it’s a lot more intimate. And hopefully it’s all very relaxed, where we are all just enjoying it together.

So, besides the album and the tour, what else have you got planned?

Next year we start recording a new Steps album, and hopefully another tour.

Speaking of Steps, how would you say your own music differs from the music you make as Steps?

Probably a little less up-tempo. It’s much more focused on the lyrics and the message rather than the whole production. Steps is way more pop, I think.

Finally, what’s one song on your personal playlist you’ve had on repeat recently, and why?

I’m always listening to Carrie Underwood. There’s one song called ‘Something in The Water’, which I love. But everything she’s ever released I’d listen to from start to finish.

Claire Richards’ debut solo album, ‘My Wildest Dreams’, is set for release on 1 February 2019 through Sony Music Entertainment, and can be pre-ordered now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Deezer. You can find out more about it via Claire’s official website, as well as her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Claire Richards - End Before We Start (Official Video)


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