#Jedward Value Add To ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ With Signed CD And Polaroid Packages

Late last year Jedward began offering their critically acclaimed 4th album, ‘Voice Of A Rebel’ in CD format. The demand for CDs, which were initially available for a limited time only with delivery before Christmas, was so high that the Dublin twins were compelled to offer a second wave, with a January delivery.

Now they’ve added a bonus package, in the form of a signed CD, plus two Polaroids, shot exclusively for each order.

Exclusive Interview With Sasha Siem

It was when Sasha Siem began to explore the idea of female guilt in the Judeo-Christian tradition that she realised just how much internalised, heredity blame she was carrying herself. With this knowledge she wrote ‘Eve Eyed’, an empowering and introspective track that calls women everywhere to join together in liberating themselves from society’s coercive control of female minds and bodies. We caught up with Sasha to talk about her music, inspiration, and how becoming a mother changed her as a woman and as an artist.

Happy Accidents: Jamie Lawson Exclusively In Coversation About His Music, His New Album, And Ed Sheeran

Acclaimed singer/songwriter Jamie Lawson recounts experiences of love, kindness and artistic struggles in fifth studio album ‘The Years In Between’ released on March 29th. In conversation with Malvika Padin, he reveals the recording process for the album recorded while on tour with Ed Sheeran, his desire to make up for lost time, the solace he finds in music, the highlights of his career and much more.