Exclusive Release Of Pete Gardiner’s ‘Pick Your Side’ Video – Only At Essentially Pop!

The time is near. Are you Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly? Are you Wyatt Earp or Ike Clanton? Life is full of choices and no more than nowadays. Even since the launch of Pete Gardiner’s excellent new single it seems the whole of the country have been deciding whether you-know-who should have driven 260 miles. So, the time is now…

Pick Your Side!

In this brilliantly executed piece of video we see the incredible dancing of Fred Astaire, Pete’s inner entertainer personified, edited with scenes from The Gunfight At OK Corral, where we see Pete’s inner protagonist Wyatt Earp marching to the scene of the Gunfight, gathering supporters as he marches. I wonder if Pete’s poetic soul sees this as the way he brandished his lyrical cane and bullets.

PickYourSide Final

At a time when it’s so difficult for artists to be creative, it is fantastic to see the thought that has gone into the choreography of dance moves, film scenes and the lyrics in the song. Pete likes to call this lockdown creativity but it’s not just an effort to get by, it’s a video that gets better every time you watch it and I challenge you not to mentally swing that cane or doff your imaginary top hat as you sing along.

With the official launch this evening, it’s time to Pick Your Side. I’m on the side of creativity, the side of an artist that fires bullets of lyrical poetry at the things in this world that demand scrutiny.

This evening, ‘pray for rain, and rain will come …..’


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