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Don’t forget to put on your Shooze before you go out into this crazy world. And I’m not talking about those cool kicks on your feet.  I’m referring to the band Shooze, who if they are not yet on your MP3 player playlist, should be. If the high energy music and social political lyrics of the punk and ska genre are your thing then there is no way you  want to miss out on the original and upbeat music that Shooze has to offer.

Hailing from the UK Midlands, the three piece band consisting of Jon Kings (vocals/lead guitar), Ryan Kings (bass/vocals), and Ricky-Lee Cooper (drums) are making waves with their stellar live performances and indescribably awesome sound.

I admit that when I first noticed Shooze labeled as being in the punk/ska genre I had a preconceived notion about what their sound would be like.  Immediately, as the first track played on Soundcloud called ‘Animal City’, I was completely blown away and took back everything I thought I already knew about this band. This isn’t your ordinary or average ska/punk band and it is no wonder that they are being praised by the likes of renowned artist like Stone Gossard (guitarist of Pearl Jam) and Adam Ant (80’s music legend). They have a familiar sound to great classic bands such as The Clash and The Police, but also one could say they have similarities to punk/ska bands of lesser fame such as Operation Ivy and Citizen Fish. The song ‘Rolling on the Wrong Side’ even has a Rage Against the Machine like guitar riff to open up the track which helps to encompass their rebellious tone.

Mixing a little bit of the old school vibe with the new school sound and not really trying to fit in any one genre, Shooze continues to excel in their debut as a great songwriting band.

Shooze’s latest album ‘Classified’ is a 5 song EP that is a great bargain at half the price of most full length albums and will keep you listening and wanting more. The band is also having an upcoming performance on May 9th at the Birmingham O2 Academy so don’t miss it.

To get the latest on Shooze you can find them their website and on all the social media websites such as Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. ‘Classified’ is available on iTunes.

UK FEDS - Animal City (official video)

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