Peppermint Heaven Release ‘New Moons’ EP

New Moons, the latest EP from Peppermint Heaven is out today. More upbeat than their previous releases, it nonetheless maintains their characteristic 80s flashback style.


Opening with ‘Real Religion’ you realise that something has changed since their ‘Perfect Things’ album, released last year. Gone is the Depeche Mode style sound, replaced by something more akin to Pet Shop Boys, or even Morrissey. Second track, ‘When I Look In Your Eyes’ is possibly the most radio friendly song of theirs to date, and there’s a nice interplay between Juno and Spark’s vocals.

‘Like Yesterday’ opens up like David Bowie’s ‘Cat People (Putting Out Fire)’, which he wrote with Giorgio Moroder, but quickly becomes a proper duet, with Juno and Spark each taking turns at singing a line of the song. As always, their harmonies are on point.

Final track on the EP, ‘The One Beside You’, is a lush, almost disco number, with jangly guitars and bass, along with gorgeous synths and percussion will have you wishing the EP was much longer than 4 tracks, but then again, there’s nothing to stop you hitting repeat.

‘New Moons’ is out today. You can stream it on Spotify. Find out more about Peppermint Heaven and their music online on their official website, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and SoundCloud.

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