Gary Driscoll is a London-based crooner who counts among his influences the likes of Frank Sinatra, and other jazz pioneers. His latest release, ‘The Old East End Tonight’, is backed by arranger Paul Campbell and Studio Orchestrations Belfast. Mixing was performed by Alastair McMillan, of Masterlabs, Dublin.

The classic big band sound of ‘The Old East End Tonight’ gives it an old time vibe, filled with warm brass, rich violin, and the huge vocals of Gary Driscoll. We’re taken back in time, despite it being a recently composed track.

Gary lived in London during the 1960s, and describes how it was to live under the rule of the infamous Kray Twins. Gary clearly enjoyed Gangster London, but his emphasis is not on fear and terror but rather the fun times, and he beautifully conveys how much London was the place to be in those days.

Gary Driscoll has appeared on the BBC, and even featured in two gangster films, ‘The Wee Man’, and ‘Rise Of The Footsoldier 3‘. Gary was even asked to perform Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ at Reggie Kray’s wake, in front of hundreds, in an East End pub, and over the years he’s sung to thousands of Eastenders.

Gary Driscoll will be performing on 26 September at The Tower Theatre, Folkestone, Kent, accompanied by the Railway Swing Band.

Find Gary online on his official website. Download ‘The Old East End Tonight’ from Amazon and iTunes.

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