A Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse At Giovanna’s Latest Music Video ‘Young Heart Player’

The camera pans down over the space in a dilapidated courtroom and we see a woman lying on the floor. This is the music video for Giovanna’s anthemic track, ‘Young Heart Player’, a video which sets itself apart from the “boy meets girl” narrative we see all too often in the world of pop.

Instead, Giovanna and her creative team have crafted a story of the power struggles which can be found in courtrooms of the like.  And they have crafted this story through the medium of dance.

Forgoing the usual lip-synced performances of the artist in favour of three and a half minutes of intensely emotional choreography was always going to be risky choice, but in this case, it’s a choice that pays off. The video begins with a focus on the female dancer, who is being controlled by the male like a puppet on strings. Throughout the course of the video we see the female dancer take back control and ends the video in the stronger position of power.

It’s a thought-provoking piece for sure, something which stands out amongst most music videos in the charts today. The behind-the-scenes photos display the pure emotion and passion which has gone into making this interesting and unique music video with choreography so intricate and impressive that it’s a mind-boggling experience to watch.

The finished product is a video where the emotions of the song are reflected in the visual form of dance, something which comes naturally to Giovanna, an artist who made her name in film scoring. This cinematic melding of auditory and visual arts is nothing short of breath-taking and is definitely a music video worth watching.

Giovanna - Young Heart Player

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