4 Best Songs About Poker Ever You Need To Know

Poker is among the favourite casino games of many people in various online casinos. It can be found in both table and live games collections and is supplied by many industry leaders.

The Most Famous Gambling Songs

Humans tend to make art about the things they enjoy, and throughout the ages, gambling has been a topic of much artistic focus because it’s one of humanity’s oldest vices. From Cezanne to Caravaggio, countless greats have portrayed rolling the dice or betting on cards. Modernity’s music is by no means above focusing on the flick of the dealer’s wrist, and there are thousands of songs that portray gambling, the highs, and the lows. Here are the most famous for you to enjoy as you join their ranks.

Music and Money: Five of the Most Famous Casino-Themed Pop Songs

There are certain subjects that will always inspire songs: love, loss, breakups, and makeups… When it comes to select topics, it seems the only way we can really make sense of them is to turn our experiences into epic tunes.

Good Vibes Only: We Speak Exclusively To Chiara King

Last week we introduced you to up and coming London-based singer songwriter Chiara King, and her new single, ‘Dancing With Me’, featuring Remo The…

The Essential Advent Calendar: December 5 – Gary Driscoll Releases Feel Good Christmas Tune, ‘Fly Home for Christmas’

UK singer Gary Driscoll released his latest single, ‘Fly Home For Christmas’ on December 4, just in time for the festive season.

Julia King – ‘Cannonball’

A sultry, folk-country style song with a great story, ‘Cannonball’, from Julia King will put you in mind of such singers as Linda Rondstadt, Marianne Faithfull, Patsy Cline, and even Sheryl Crow.

Joel Phil Releases New Single, ‘Monster’

Singer songerwriter Joel Phil has released his latest single, ‘Monster’, on 19th October. The track is the follow-up to his debut, ‘Raise Up’, which was released in 2017.


Gary Driscoll is a London-based crooner who counts among his influences the likes of Frank Sinatra, and other jazz pioneers. His latest release, ‘The Old East End Tonight’, is backed by arranger Paul Campbell and Studio Orchestrations Belfast. Mixing was performed by Alastair McMillan, of Masterlabs, Dublin.

Paul Young: We Talk About His Life, Music, and The 80s Invasion Tour

We speak to Paul Young ahead of the 80s Invasion Tour, across the UK, March 2017.

‘An Introduction to Darlene Love’

Calling the new album ‘An Introduction to Darlene Love’ is an ironic contradiction as this amazingly talented lady has an extraordinary career spanning over five decades and frankly needs no introduction.

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