4 Best Songs About Poker Ever You Need To Know

Poker is among the favourite casino games of many people in various online casinos. It can be found in both table and live games collections and is supplied by many industry leaders.

However, there are many successful songs about poker that normally play in the background as you enjoy the game. These boost your experience as you enjoy your poker game play. Here are the 4 best poker songs ever you need to know;

  1. The Gambler-Kenny Rogers

This song is among the most successful songs you can ever find on various Poker games. It is sung by Kenny Rogers who is a legend in country music. The song is about 2 men who meet on a train and give each other a few solid tips about playing Poker.

This song is great and it has ever topped the Country music billboard chart. The Gambler song also gives you the best advice on how well to live your life.

One of the best gambling advice in the song is never to count your money during gameplay because you will have enough time to count it after the game.

  1. Viva Las Vegas-Elvis Presley

This is another amazing song that doesn’t miss in most casinos on many live casino holdem games. Elvis Presley is synonymous with Las Vegas and has had several performances in the city a number of times. Viva Las Vegas is among his hit songs over the years.

The song had previously performed poorly on the charts but with time it picked and became a hit. It has also been covered by many other musicians many times.

Viva Las Vegas song motivates you on giving in your all when playing because you have to do whatever it takes to try your luck on the poker table.

  1. Luck Be A Lady- Frank Sinatra

This amazing song was sung by Frank Sinatra in collaboration with Marlon Brand. The concept of this song is about a given lady bringing her luck to various casino games.

Lucky Be A Lady was also covered by many other artists like Barbara Streisand. Like many other Frank Sinatra’s hit songs, Lucky Be A Lady song is also an iconic song.

You wouldn’t mind too having a lady to bring you luck as you play and boost your potential of earning great wins.

  1. Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s second single titled Poker face was one of her biggest hits ever. The song topped charts in over 20 countries which made it a smash hit. Lady Gaga wrote and released this song as a dedication or tribute to bisexuality and her rock boyfriends.

Poker Face also topped the highly competitive charts of the US and it has many poker references. It is also among those casino songs that can boost your experience as you play your games because of its great vibe and beats.

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