Liza Jane Asks, Are You The ‘Man Or The Monster’ In New Pop Collaboration With Stonebridge

Liza Jane’s new single, ‘Man Or The Monster’ is an immediate hit, coming out of the gate like a bull charging. Produced by Shayon Daniels and remixed by the iconic Stonebridge, there’s a distinct Lady Gaga feel, and it’s a surefire club banger with driving beats, and immersive rhythms. Liza Jane’s vocals are ferocious and powerful, as she tells a tale of gaslighting and infidelity, and the path to reclamation. Captivating synths add the final piece, ensuring the entire track is spectacular from start to finish.

Essentially Pop Meets: Grace Gaustad

Grace Gaustad is still only 18 years old, but has been making waves in Los Angeles in recent months, since she covered Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church’. Recognised for her deep vocals, Grace has been working with Lady Gaga’s singing coach since she before she entered her teenage years. Grace has quite the profile on social media, with just under 500K followers on Instagram, as well as 80K+ on Facebook, and 73K+ subscribers on YouTube. While in Los Angeles recently, Lisa asked Grace a few quick questions about her life, music, and inspirations.