4 Music Artists That Famously Enjoy a Trip to the Casino

When it comes to celebrities that enjoy visiting the casino, there are no shortages of contenders for inclusion in this list. In fact, so many people fail to realize that casinos are a powerful staple of Hollywood, Los Angeles, and many more high publicity areas. All of this means that many of your favourite celebrities likely enjoy a little time in the casino themselves.

Join the Stars

So, if you want to join the likes of these musical legends, then why don’t you hop onto a computer and visit an online casino, such as lclubonline.com, and start trying your hands at some of their favourite games.

You could even travel to some of the locations where famous artists themselves have been. Not only could that be a fantastically fun road trip for you and your friends, but it could also be a brilliant opportunity to see how they play some of these different games.

1. Harry Styles

As it turns out, the youthful star that is Harry Styles is quite the fan of casino games, enjoying Blackjack in particular. Despite being barred from Vegas on his first visit due to being too young, the famous musician doubtless enjoys the city far more now that he’s older and (potentially) wiser.

2. P Diddy

Easily one of the most famous performers of all time, P Diddy is also quite the deft hand with a deck of cards. In fact, apparently, P Diddy was a very talented blackjack player, adding yet another ability to his long list of talents.

It has even been reported that the absurdly talented artist often requests blackjack tables when he travels so that he and some friends can sneak a game or two in every now and again while traveling.

3. Gladys Knight

In her incredible autobiography, Glady Knight spoke about her love of betting on sports and general gambling. Her favorite casino game is Baccarat, which is a wonderful choice with some really interesting ways to play. Of course, if you wanted to get into the same games like the legendary Gladys, then there are plenty of ways to puck up Baccarat and start learning.

On a more sombre note, Gladys does speak in her autobiography that her love for gambling led her down a dark path and almost cost her everything, showing how important it is to be careful with your passions. After all, nobody is immune from the dangers posed by gambling.

4. Frank Sinatra

Finally, there is no celebrity who personifies casino culture quite as completely as Frank Sinatra. The legendary singer was an enormous fan of a plethora of old casino games and spent plenty of his time around Vegas long before it became what it is today.

With over 150 million worldwide record sales, there is no denying Sinatra’s fame nor his complete love for casinos. He even performed in Vegas. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for you to follow in the footsteps of the legendary singer and take an interest in casino games yourself. All you need to do is get started.

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