How to Produce Studio Quality Recordings for YouTube

Although many stars have been ‘found’ on YouTube, sometimes that isn’t the only reason why musicians post their tunes. Sometimes they really have no ambition to go live before mega crowds at concerts. Although they are looking for recognition, they may be after something totally different than landing a contract with the major labels.

Actually, some musicians simply like to have their songs heard because they are a songwriter at heart. Also, it is possible to monetize your videos so that there is an income to be derived, albeit not as huge as most of the superstars. Since they aren’t really looking to get picked up by a label or perform live at concerts, it can be quite difficult to get a studio sound without a band or studio musicians. If this is you, don’t let it stop you! Here’s how you can get that studio quality sound quite easily from home.

Plug-ins for Studio Quality Voice Recordings

One thing you might want to check out is the Antares license which you can download and use on two computers for the full range of their music production products. This gives you access to the entire toolkit for everything from perfecting pitch to choral arrangements to vocal embellishments and so much more. As a songwriter who is not looking to be a performer, for example, you can digitally improve your vocals without years of training with a vocal coach. Maybe you are trying to sell your tunes to an artist you have in mind, so with digital tools you can perfect a sound so that they can envision recording and going to the top of the charts with your tunes. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to record an entire tune if that’s what you are trying to sell, but if it’s just a taste of your songwriting style, go for it!

Invest in a High-End Computer System

Just as when gaming or working with computer graphics, you will want a fast CPU and plenty of RAM so that your music doesn’t miss a beat – no pun intended. How many times have you been jamming out to a tune on Spotify, for example, only to have your buffer fill up so that the song literally burps at the worst moment ever? Unless you have a computer with the capacity to handle the digital tools you will be using, it will affect more than just playback. Even these laptops have rated highly for music production.

Be Ever Mindful of the Road You Are On

In the end, be ever mindful of the road you are on and your ultimate destination. If you are not seeking fame in the limelight, then it isn’t important to have video images of you playing live. If you are seeking to sell your tunes to certain artists, then you may want to talk about how they inspired your sound or these songs. Remember, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and tags will capture the audience you are after. If your tunes are good, you’ll get heard. It’s not as difficult as you might think with the right recording equipment and a good marketing strategy. With that said, good luck on your journey! Just keep your eyes on the road ahead.

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