Brook Downton Settles Some ‘Scores’ With New Album

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Brook Downton, originally from the UK, but now based in New York, is known for his soundtracks and soundscapes, and for his work with brands including Bose, GMC, and the Ford Focus, as the senior digital producer at Imagination, B Reel, Collective London, and Media Monks. It’s with Media Monks that Brook located to New York. The company has offices around the world, including Amsterdam, London, New York, Singapore, LA, Shanghai and Dubai. 

Brook’s work is best described as cinematic: his music is designed to fill large rooms and theatres. So it was exciting to hear that he was releasing an album, ‘Scores’; a fusion of orchestral, electric and acoustic guitar, and electronica. There are no two tracks the same on this album.

The nine track album features tunes with alluring titles: ‘Arc’, ‘Destroying Angels’, ‘House Of Cards’ – it’s this third one we like best of all – it reminds us of the film, ‘Bladerunner’, with its electronica and bass guitar sounds.

Other tunes, like fourth track, ‘Please Don’t Go’, sound on the surface like simple film score pieces, but there’s something more there, there’s some faint electronic buzzing underneath.

Brook Downton draws inspiration from the likes of Harry Gregson-Williams, composer of ‘The Martian’ soundtrack, and electronic music band, M83, but at the same time he imbues his music with a quality all of his own.

‘Scores’ is available on iTunes, and was written and recorded by Brook Downton in Manhattan. He and his band will be touring down the East Coast of the US, with dates to be announced shortly.

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