We’re ‘Staying Awake’ For This One – New From Why We Love

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‘Staying Awake’ is the newest track from Bristol indie-pop quartet, Why We Love.

We first came across Why We Love last month, with their song, ‘Lucky One’. Now they’re back, with ‘Staying Awake’, an up tempo, peppy and poppy song, which again, has all those elements which push our buttons. It’s guitar led, has a strong drumbeat, and the vocals are on pitch and perfect. We said it before and we’ll say it again, Why We Love reminds us very much of The Thrills. There’s elements of something else in this song though – we can’t quite put our finger on it. It’s a very 60s feel, maybe it’s Herman’s Hermits, or Pink Floyd, but it’s there.
Why We Love Staying Awake
‘Staying Awake’ is from the upcoming EP, ‘The Boy You Knew’, set for release on March 25. You can download it from iTunes and Bandcamp.  Find Why We Love on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram.

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