Shane MacGowan Announces First Ever Art Book, ‘The Eternal Buzz And The Crock Of Gold’

Musician, artist, frontman, creator and punk icon Shane MacGowan announces his first ever art folio book The Eternal Buzz and The Crock of Gold, published by Rain Street and Infinitum Nihil and due for release in April 2022. The limited edition book cracks open the door to a treasure trove of Shane’s sketches, paintings, self-portraits, wild impressionistic compositions and playful character studies, set alongside handwritten lyrics, stories, photographs and abstract snippets dating back to Shane’s childhood and journeying through six decades of punk and Irish revelry. 

Deezer Music With Sole: Combining Music And Art Using The Medium Of Footwear

Music streaming service Deezer gave UK singer songwriter Zak Abel, and artist Daniel Cordas, the challenge to create custom trainer designs based on their personal interpretations of Zak’s single, ‘Love Song’. Additionally, a special pair of trainers was made featuring graphics based on the musical inspirations of both artists. Fans will have the opportunity to win a pair of the limited edition shoes.