Imark Brings Listeners Into His World With New Release, ‘Significant Half’

‘Significant Half’ is the newest entry in Imark’s steadily increasing discography. The perfect romantic mood setter, we find Imark showering his lady with compliments and promises of a lifetime’s worth of passionate love, layered over a seductive, yet incredibly danceable, beat. With a flow that combines classic Dancehall with rap and RnB-infused hip-hop, Imark transitions with easy grace from mainstream tropes to Caribbean slang and references.

Heartour Have ‘All They Want’ And They Want To Share It With All Of Us

Now based in Venice Beach, California, Jason Young still stretches both his talents and our minds with his Heartour project, and its indie psych pop rock sound. He’s released six full-length albums, including the enigmatic, ‘Years’, dropped last year. 

‘All They Want’, from ‘Years’, is an emotional journey that starts with fast paced drums, over which are gradually laid sedimentary layers of synths, creating a wonder of psych glory.

Austin Martin Writes From The Heart With New Release, ‘Country Drunk’

Ryegate Montana is about as much an advertisement for that state as it comes. Right in the middle, an hour north of Billings, towards the forests and mountains, it’s everything you can think of when you think of Montana: ranches, farms, rolling prairie, open roads, and that big sky.

Cowboy stories in Ryegate certainly aren’t fiction, and country artist Austin Martin, who hails from the town, writes what he’s lived, with his new single and video, ‘Country Drunk’.

Talented Conglomerate Staunch Moderates Give Us A Potted History In Their New Track ‘Rolling Stone’

From their latest album, ‘2023’, their new track, ‘Rolling Stone’ is Staunch Moderates’ tribute to the magazine of the same name. With the instrumentals, notably soaring guitars over a pounding drum beat, collaborating rapper Shorty Mack takes us on a trip through the history of Rolling Stone Magazine, from their earliest days with The Beatles to nowadays and the digital age. Greg Simmons interjects every so often with his own words of wisdom, and the end result is an informative and very catchy track.

Cleo Alexandra Re-imagines Men At Work’s Classic Track, ‘Who Can It Be Now?’, Just In Time For Halloween

If you’re an Australian of a certain age (*cough* like me *cough*), your brain will instantly start playing one particular song when you read the song title, ‘Who Can It Be Now?’. Back in 1981 Aussie rock legends Men At Work released their song of that name, with the saxophone hook by Greg Ham, and sultry vocals of lead singer Colin Hay making it a world-wide sensation.