President Street Announces That ‘Time Is Up’ With Hopeful New Protest Song

President Street are kicking off the year with a big track that is sure to speak to a wide audience. ‘Time Is Up’ is the Melbourne duo’s take on the protest song, with an uplifting vocal and instrumentation to make this track hopeful in the face of difficulties.

Unbroken’ By Laura Hillenbrand: Some Reasons Why Every Student Should Read It in 2020

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand was published almost a decade ago and it remains one of the best books on the market. It was on the New York Times Bestseller’s list almost 150 times. It spent four years on the list, out of which fourteen weeks were at its top. Today, this written masterpiece remains the fifth non-fiction novel that’s the longest-running bestseller of all times.

Why Cinema Can Easily Change Students’ Minds

There is a long-standing debate over the impact of cinema over people. Some believe that the film industry makes younger generations behave or act in a certain way. There are movies that made us more aware and are considered catalysts for social change. But, there are also films that make people behave in an irrational or wrong way. So, is cinema positive or negative for young generations like students?

What to do During Self-Isolation: 5 Entertaining Websites for Students

In a bid to manage the spread of the coronavirus disease, the majority of nations around the world are encouraging their citizens to stay at home all day long. Since most learning institutions have been closed, it might be difficult for some students to study and interact with their friends.
Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, students can do almost everything they want without risking their health. They can study, listen to music, draw, cook, watch movies, and interact with their friends on social media platforms.

5 Top-Notch Writers To Read For Nowadays Students

Choosing what to read can be a challenging thing sometimes. Yes, the classics are definitely a must for all students, but where do you go today? There are excellent writers across the globe creating masterpieces as we speak. As a student, you need to find those authors and their books and truly unravel in their beauty.

Impact Of K-Pop Music On Academic Performance

How does music influence your academic performance? Why would we associate K-Pop to your grades? Most students assume that the music they like only…

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