President Street Announces That ‘Time Is Up’ With Hopeful New Protest Song

President Street are kicking off the year with a big track that is sure to speak to a wide audience. ‘Time Is Up’ is the Melbourne duo’s take on the protest song, with an uplifting vocal and instrumentation to make this track hopeful in the face of difficulties.

The track draws inspiration from the joy and determination felt when watching people of all ethnicities and beliefs coming together and stand up against injustice all over the world. Instead of dwelling on the past, the song looks forward to a brighter future in which we can all celebrate our differences as part of a loving community.

Beginning with a high pitched guitar slide, the track commands attention from the very get-go, and is immediately kicked into gear by Ruby’s vocal – more delicate and ethereal than previous tunes, as if to highlight the uplifting nature of the track. The chorus is staccato and punctuated, reflecting the lyrical content which tells us that enough is enough, and calls people to take to the streets in solidarity.

Solidarity is something the song promotes as an essential part of the protest movement. People coming together and celebrating in a joyous and uplifting melody is exactly what the song is all about. It’s a brilliant, sunny track to see us through the depths of winter, and is sure to remind people what’s important as we move into another year.

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