STAR2 – ‘If U Want To’ 

Now living in San Diego, STAR 2 was born in the Mae La Thai refugee camp in Myanmar, and came to the USA at the age of 5. He sees himself as a role model for other Asian Americans, and especially those who remind him of his younger self.

STAR 2 cites among his influences fellow Asian American artist and collaborator, Stupid Young, as well as the likes of Justin Bieber, Juice Wrld, and Luh Kel, because of their emotional lyrical content. STAR 2’s song topics are based around the eagerness, and passion of love, and on the opposite side of the coin, the affliction and melancholy of heartbreak.

STAR 2’s debut single, ‘Hollup Gurl’, has so far garnered more than 250K streams on Spotify alone, and saw MTV heavyweights Justina Valentine and Jordan Beckham give it the thumbs up. Likewise, his follow up single, ‘WTF Is Love’ received praise from none other than Soulja Boy. STAR 2’s fans have worked hard for their fave as well, ensuring the success of the #HolluGurlDanceChallenge, which saw them dancing to, and acting out the song. With his mix of West Coast pop and R&B, STAR 2 is certainly leaving a deep mark on the music industry.

The video for his new single, ‘If U Want 2’, is a picture perfect tour guide to sunny California. Not one cloud mars the intensity of the vibrant blue sky, which is echoed in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. STAR 2 sees the girl of his dreams at the arcade, and decides to take his chance. Luckily she accepts, and the pair play video games while lounging on the sofa, and then cruising down to the beach in a vintage Ford Mustang, with the top down no less. His lady love joins him in the studio, their chemistry clearly inspiring the song, and radiating like sunshine right in front of us. Watch the lush video for ‘If U Want 2’ and bring some summer sunshine into your life. Check out more about STAR 2 and his music online on Instagram.

Star2 - If U Want 2 (Official Music Video)

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