Unbroken’ By Laura Hillenbrand: Some Reasons Why Every Student Should Read It in 2020

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand was published almost a decade ago and it remains one of the best books on the market. It was on the New York Times Bestseller’s list almost 150 times. It spent four years on the list, out of which fourteen weeks were at its top. Today, this written masterpiece remains the fifth non-fiction novel that’s the longest-running bestseller of all times.

In 2014, Angelina Jolie directed the same-called movie, which was almost as big a hit as the book. With over 3.5 million copies in print and a book based on its story, this is a must-read novel for everyone.

The Works of a Magnificent Writer

It seems that the author dedicated quite a lot to research before writing Unbroken. She had many interviews with Louie spread across seven long years. She also researched letters, diaries, military documents, telegrams, the National Archives, and war-crime trial records. The hard work that this author put into her work is a proof that research takes great part in creating masterpieces. She even did interviews with his friends, family, and fellow soldiers, all who were part of this incredible story.

As a student, you can learn a lot from her work. She’s a proof that writing is not only based on talent. It’s also based on research, creativity, and a lot of dedication. That’s what makes the difference between average and brilliant content. That is also why you absolutely have to find the time to read her book.

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Laura Hillenbrand, the author behind this popular piece also wrote the bestseller Seabiscuit: An American Legend. This was a story of a famous racehorse that became a hero in America during the Great Depression. The main role in Unbroken, Louie joked that he was an easier subject than a horse that couldn’t speak.

Many wouldn’t agree, probably including the author. She spent years researching this tortured man, trying to capture his story in wording. Everyone who has read the book will probably agree that she did better than anyone could have expected.

The author herself is a great example of triumph just like her main character, Louie. She surpassed over 23 years of debilitating illness. In 2003, she won a National Magazine Award for an article published in the New Yorker named ‘A Sudden Illness’. This marvelous writer suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Her Seabiscuit bestseller turned into an Oscar nominated film in 2003. These two amazing stories about athletes speak of overcoming obstacles and achieving victory.

Unraveling the Story: About Unbroken

As mentioned previously, the story of Unbroken revolves around a person called Louis Zamperini. He was an athlete who ran in the Summer Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. That year, he met Adolf Hitler and from him got the title: ‘the boy with the fast finish’.

Before Louie enlisted in the Army Air Corp, he was one of the greatest runners in the world. In the World War II, he served two years as a B-24 Liberator bombardier before a crash landed him into the ocean. When this happened, he drifted for a total of 47 days and travelled 2,000 miles of ocean. He survived dehydration, starvation, enemy fire, sharks, and even a typhoon.

Louie was finally rescued by the Japanese, but not in the real sense. He was made a prisoner of war and suffered a lot in one of the worst POW Japanese camps. Imagine another round of starvation, accompanied with physical and psychological torture. This story is about a tortured man who spent his time in a sadistic camp for two years, until the war ended.

Zamperini spent amazing years of athletic success. He shattered the national record at high school for a mile in 1934. In 1936, he ran a 56-second last lap in a 5000 meter race at the Berlin Olympics. He was only 19 at the time.

Final Thoughts

If you find the time to read this masterpiece, expect a continuous flow of suspense and amazing storytelling. Hillenbrand opens with a glimpse into the mortal danger that Zamperini faced lying on a raft in the Pacific Ocean. As the story unravels, prepare yourself for some really powerful scenes that will stick to your memory for a long, long time.

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