5 Top-Notch Writers To Read For Nowadays Students

Choosing what to read can be a challenging thing sometimes. Yes, the classics are definitely a must for all students, but where do you go today? There are excellent writers across the globe creating masterpieces as we speak. As a student, you need to find those authors and their books and truly unravel in their beauty.

When we find a great writer, we have the tendency of sticking with him and waiting for every new book he publishes. That being said, modern students need to pick their favorites from the crowd, and I’m not just speaking about the all-time bestsellers that we all know about.

Nowadays students need to also follow and know nowadays writers as well as how to write a book report. Whether it is to get inspiration to make a list of compare and contrast essay topics, write a paper, or simply for some enlightenment, it is important to find new writers with a fresh, modern perspective and style.

That being said, I’m presenting you with five writers of today who I believe that every student should know of.

1. Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney is an Irish writer who became famous with her debut Conversations with Friends in 2017. Back then, this brilliant author was only 26 years old and at her beginnings of the writing career. If you haven’t read it yet, you should definitely get this page-turner that teaches writers how it feels to be fragile and young in Ireland in a privileged milieu of small magazines and performance poetry.

The book speaks of love and sex, ambition and friendship, all while sharing the deepest thoughts she has within. Rooney has a deep thought process and somewhat of a comic style that writers definitely love.

A year later, Rooney published another great novel called ‘Normal People’, followed by the unforgettable ‘Mr. Salary: Faber Stories’ that was published just last year. With her unique perspective and great writing style, we can probably expect numerous great novels being published in the years that follow.

2. Mark O’Connell

You might Know this exhilarating author from the popular ‘To Be a Machine’ book – the ‘solving the problem of death’ masterpiece that was published in 2017. His book won the Wellcome Book Prize that same year and was also shortlisted for the Baillie Gifford Prize, even though it didn’t win.

If you’re up to exploring the anxieties of the apocalypse, you should definitely hand your paper to a UK HND business assignment help service, the night off, and retire to your room with this unforgettable book in your hands. Once you read it, you’ll realize what all the fuss surrounding this modern, freshly popular author is.

3. Tara Bergin

Known for her ‘The Tragic Death of Eleanor Marx‘ and ‘This is Yarrow’ books of poems, Tara is definitely one of the best poets of the modern time. She sources her inspiration from the world that surrounds her, creating an intense, yet slightly comic book of poems every time she publishes. Tara explores the life and the suicide of Marx’s Daughter, the translator of Madame Bovary in her most popular piece. After this, she’s created yet another original piece that simply spreads vision and voice. Based on this, I expect many great things from this poet so if you’re into poetry, it’s definitely an author for your list.

4. Paul Ferris

Never before could I imagine that football memoirs can turn into an amazing literature. It’s simply not the traditional thing that would turn into a well-read novel. But, all this was before I discovered Paul Ferris’ novel ‘The Boy on the Shed’. The book features a story of a boy who’s lived a Catholic childhood in Northern Ireland and managed to set a short, yet memorable career with Newcastle United against his background. In his writing, Paul is emotional and witty, not to mention autobiographical, making this a book you simply can’t let go until you read it.

If you check this author’s story, you’ll learn many amazing things. He is known for his prominent position in the criminal underworld and the first book he wrote while in prison, the amazing ‘The Ferris Conspiracy’.

5. Jane Harper

Harper is the winner of the Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger, which was prompted by her bestseller and first novel, ‘The Dry’. If you want to read some crime and thriller suspense, this detective story paints a powerful story for the readers. Ever since, Harper has published quite the collection of books, each more impressive than the last one.

Every year, new amazing authors create unforgettable pieces and put them out there for us to find. This is the perfect time for you to explore the book market and find your favorite styles.

About the author

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